Business Feng Shui Consultations

Business Rates:
Most residential and business consultations can be completed within the two to three hours. $180.00 per hour for Initial Consultation with a 2 hour minimum.

Follow Up Visits
A 3-6 month on-site follow up is suggested after the initial consultation to chart your progress. $100.00 per hour.

Annual Updates
Enhance and transcend the changing energy patterns of the new year. I recommend that you call me as early as December/January to schedule your energy updates. $180 per hour for on-site consultation.

You may pay by cash, check or money order.  For your convenience, I also accept payments through PayPal.  

The Business Consultation includes;

Landscape Profile Analysis

Room by room analysis including furniture placementi

Color Selections, soft furnishings, lighting

Water Feature Placement

A Nine grid square is superimposed over the floor plan to identify compass directions and locations of each area of your building and/or work space

Eight Mansions Analysis

Detailed and specific recommendations using personalized Feng Shui formulas based birth information of each individual

Recommendations on improving the “first impressions” your business is projecting to customers/clients

Recommendations and placement of auspicious objects in beneficial compass locations

Personal tastes, creativity and priorities are factored in to all recommendations

Feng Shui challenges identified and cures and remedies recommended

Answers to your specific questions and concerns

Please provide the following information to provide an accurate assessment of the space:

Please click here to fill out questionnaire

Off-Site Consultation

  • Site or area plan drawn on grid paper including all roads and surrounding buildings
  • Diagram of floor plan accurately showing North, South, East and West axis
  • Accurate compass facing direction of front door to nearest degree
  • Accurate facing direction of doors of individual offices
  • Include in Floor Plan diagram; furnishings, windows, doors (indicate the use of each room)
  • Birth dates of individuals (year, month, day and time)
  • Year property was built and year occupants moved in
  • Dates and locations of renovations of property
  • Diagram of exterior structures including mountain, hills, power lines and neighboring structures ( include photographs)
  • Specific areas of concern
  • Goal of consultation